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Dock Floats

Some of our most popular selling items are standard and residential dock hardware, steel truss frames, custom residential boat docks, commercial docks and of course Eagle Floats™.

With any quality structure a solid foundation is a must! With a floating dock that means a durable dock float that will withstand the punishment required of a floating structure. Discount Dock Supply offers the most reliable dock float in the floating dock industry, Eagle Floats™.

Eagle Floats™ features:

  • Some Sizes Available in Both Standard and Flange Attachment Profiles
  • Choose from Molded in Mounting Slots or Heavy Duty Mounting Flange Floats
  • Over 150 Dock Float Sizes Available
  • One Piece Rotational Molded Seamless Construction
  • 100% Virgin Grade Polyethylene Material
  • .15” Nominal Wall Thickness
  • Solid EPS Core – 100% Virgin EPS Material
  • 15 Year Limited Warranty
  • In-House Tooling and Engineering
  • 35 Years Plastic & Foam Experience
  • Meets Corps of Engineers & Similar Regulations
  • Surpasses Falling Dart & Hunt Absorption Test Standards

Eagle Floats™ are manufactured in the USA by Hendren Plastics; utilizing the latest rotational molding equipment with cutting edge technology such as programmable logic controller and infrared telemetry feedback. Our state of the art equipment, in-house tooling and engineering allow us to produce over 150 sizes of high quality dock floats at the most affordable prices in the industry. Eagle Floats™ are available in two profiles, the standard attachment with molded in mounting slots and a flanged version with a 1-1/2” wide and 3/8” thick heavy duty mounting flange which encompasses the perimeter of the float. Sizes range from our 8" rowing dock float to our colossal 4'x10'x32" float, providing over 5,700 lbs of buoyancy. Both Eagle Floats™ profiles offer seamless rotational molding construction using only 100% virgin resin, .150” nominal wall thickness and solid EPS core with 1 lb density. All EPS beads are expanded in a state of the art pre-expander. Every batch is weighed and density checked to maintain precise control of density and uniformity of bead size. Decades of industry experience allow us to fuse the best foam block inside the plastic shell. Onsite laboratory testing ensures the most stringent quality control measures are met on a daily basis. Eagle Floats™ have a 15 year warranty and surpasses the Seven Day Hunt Absorption Test and ASTM 1988-04 Dart Drop Test.